Roshe One

Nike Roshe One For men. Fashion is a game of taste. A new roast-worthy sneaker debuts every week and with it comes a corresponding deluge of ridicule, humor and scathing criticism. Nike RosheOne Men shoe provides everyday comfort. Nike RosheOne Best for Everyone. The original RosheOne was introduced to the public as an affordable, minimalist entry in the runner category. Drawing on his own experiences meditating took inspiration from the aesthetic simplicity and balance. the sole was inspired by steppingstones. The shoe’s inspiration shone through in its publicity run, or rather the lack thereof. The affordable sneaker was released without a promotional campaign: that means no press release, no flashy videos or short films, no celebrity endorsements. Nike let the product speak for itself. The entire Rosheone project was an exercise in lean, minimal marketing and a case study in bypassing the hype cycle. The Rosheone became both ubiquitous and effectively resale-proof, while still retaining an air of collectibility

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